On not writing mindfully

It’s 9 O’Clock on Monday morning and already I’m gazing out of the window at the beautiful day outside. My laptop is open, ready for me to start work for the next client. My notes from my interview are laid out before me. And my mind is anywhere but in this room.

I have to wonder whether my mindfulness is actually worth anything more to me than 10 minutes meditation a couple of times a day.

Does it translate into the rest of my life?

I read about a lot of authors who seemed to be absolutely oblivious to any surroundings when they write. My husband (who is not a writer) goes totally into the zone when he is working. So much so that I have to take his face in my hand and turn it towards me when I want his attention. This is admirable, though means he misses out on a lot of cups of coffee when I am brewing up, as I am not prepared to walk from my office to his and personally ask the question with eye contact.

I would like to think that I, too, am focussed. But in reality I am a scatterbrain.

Do you remember that expression from childhoood? From memory it was applied to a kid who was a bit all over the place – who could never be trusted to come home from school carrying all the uniform they set off with, never mind homework as well.

But I think scatterbrained is a great description of how most of us operate these days. It’s like we have brains that face north, east, south and west all at the same time, gathering intelligence, testing theories, absorbing information. Or we’re like Janus – the god of the New Year – facing both forward and back at the same time. But not here. Not right here, right now.

This blog is about trying to apply the mindfulness skills I have to my work as a writer.

I have been very careful to add the word “trying” into that last sentence. Even though I have been practising mindfulness meditation for a year now I still struggle to apply the principle and practice ‘off the mat’. But I want to change. I want to change now, right now. And every moment that follows.

This is my journey…

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