Disrupt to progress

In my office I have a print of Thich Nhat HanhThich nhat hanh, the Zen monk who has done much to bring mindfulness to the West. The same photo is the image on my desktop. In the picture he is holding a bowl on the tip of the fingers of his left hand, and the mallet ready to strike it (or invite it to sound, as he would say). His entire body is focussed completely on the place where the mallet will meet the bowl. It is a perfect example of mindfulness.

Every time I click an icon on my desktop, or slide my eyes away from the flickering pixels, I see Thay’s image, and it reminds me of how I would like to conduct my working life. Well, all my life come to that.

My other half works for a law firm where one of their mottos is ‘disrupt to progress’. And for me the images I have of Thay act like that. Glimpsing his image jolts me out of whatever stress/fantasy/story of the past I am immersed in, and brings me back to now – the click-clack of the keyboard; the appearance of the characters one after the other; moment by moment.

And I remember to breathe…

What do you use to ‘disrupt to progress’?

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