Writing through grief

My mum-in-law died a few days ago. And since then my urge to write as never been stronger. Clients have been surprised to receive work from me at such a time of grieving, but tapping away on the keyboard has brought me real solace. I wondered at first whether it is because writing is life-affirming, the chance to create/give birth to something. But I think more that this last week has helped me realise what’s important in my life. And that’s writing.

What I’ve also learned is that writing isn’t messing around on social media losing time listening to others and clicking on random links. It’s not posting to tell people how wonderful I am. No, it’s writing.

It’s not the ins and outs of running a business where you spend more time typing information into your accounts software than words on a page. No, it’s writing.

So, with this new-found impetus it’s goodbye to scanning the newspaper, LinkedIn or my email accounts (I have four!) before I settle down to work. Mornings will be for writing first, and the rest can wait (yes, I’ll let you know how that works out in reality…)

One thought on “Writing through grief

  1. I’ve always found writing to be cathartic too, Lisa. So it’s no surprise to hear you’ve turned to its solace in your grief. Praying you’ll be able to lay aside the hindrances and distractions and give your early all to your work. Blessings for rest and peace. 🙂


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