In the Bleak Midwinter

Rachel Mann bookKeeping on the Christina Rossetti theme from my last post, I’ve been re-reading a wonderful book by Rachel Mann, an Anglican priest in my nearest city (Manchester, UK).

It’s a book of Advent devotionals using more than 30 of Rossetti’s poems. But they’re not really devotionals – not as I’ve been used to them anyway. Instead they’re more of an appreciation of the poetry of Christina Rossetti, and the part her strong faith played in their creation.

Having read through the book during last Advent I’m now working my way through again, and enjoying the insights Rachel provides, as well as the poems themselves.

I hadn’t read a huge amount of Rossetti before this book introduced me to such a wonderful selection of her poems. But now she’s a comfort and companion during this most extraordinary of Lents.

You can order Rachel’s book here, and of course through that there Amazon. Don’t be put off by the Advent-y-ness of it – it repays dipping in or reading through at any time of the year.


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